Additional Online Tools

DeVry offers a number of online systems or applications that assist students with their everyday tasks. These online systems require a "logon" or "account" consisting of both a username and password. 

Use of the following online systems is subject to all usage policies as defined in the student handbook. 


  • Email: Free email accounts
    It is critical for students to have an email account input into DeVry's system. If you don't have an email account through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), learn how to obtain free email services.
  • Skillsoft
    Accessed through the DeVry student portal, DeVry offers non-credit online courses that may help you with your current courses or in studying applications that are not part of our curriculum. A completely web-based system, many of the online courses parallel textbooks used in the classrooms at DeVry.
  • Smarthinking
    For virtual tutoring, you have access to "Smarthinking," an online tutoring tool.  With Smarthinking, you will be able to chat with a live tutor and submit a question/paper to a tutor. 
  • LibraryCast
    We are excited to announce the release of LibraryCast, a podcast series produced by the university librarians.  LibraryCast will provide you with little-known research tips and tricks, including tips on online research and how to fully utilize the librarians who are ready to help you.  LibraryCast is available to stream on your computer or even download to your mobile device. 
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