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Educator Now Allowance

Teaching faculty and administrators employed full-time at an elementary, middle, junior, high school, or regionally accredited public community/junior college or regionally accredited not-for-profit four-year college/university are eligible for a fellowship at DeVry University.

Students eligible for fellowships are charged at 90% of the prevailing tuition rate (a 10% discount). Students must have a fellowship verification form filled out completely and signed by the candidate's employer at an eligible institution.

Fellowship students must go through the traditional application process and may enroll in undergraduate or guaduate coursework and may attend onsite or online.

 High School Tutors

A number of high schools have requested tutoring assistance for their junior and senior students. In 1995, DeVry began the High School Tutor Program to provide the requested tutoring assistance.

  • The tutor(s) are provided to the requesting high schools at no cost.
  • Each tutor is provided for 10-20 hours per week for the classroom or after school assistance.
  • A high school contact will monitor the tutor's timecard and provide supervision and direction.
  • Tutors are A/B students who have proven academic proficiency in the subject they are asked to tutor.
  • Tutors are current DeVry students and will be employed by DeVry for the High School Tutor Program.

The classes for which tutoring can be provided include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Electronics
  • Math
  • Computer Applications
  • Physics

Workshops for the HS Classroom

Careers Inc.

DeVry University's Careers Inc. is a competitive, interactive multimedia workshop designed for juniors and seniors. It helps students define their areas of interest, personal strengths and innate personalities with industries and careers that may be of interest to them. By drawing a direct path from interests and abilities to majors and careers, Careers Inc. arms students with tools and resources to make better college and career decisions.

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