The motor vehicle regulations are designed to maintain convenient, safe and orderly parking for the students, faculty, staff and guests of DeVry University Phoenix. Signs and markings are placed in the driving and parking areas to facilitate ease of parking and a safe traffic flow. It is important that all individuals abide by the signs, markings and the motor vehicle regulations. Use of a "Club", a security device for trucks and cars, is highly recommended for all vehicles.

Parking Fees

Parking is available at the university on the University property for students who register their vehicles with Student Central and obtain a parking or carpool permit. There is no charge for parking on the University property. A new parking or carpool permit must be obtained each semester so the University can be compliant with the Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program. Failure to display a parking permit will result in a ticket being issued or any of the parking violations listed below.  

Tickets paid within twenty four hours will have the fine reduced by 50%. Tickets not paid after ten days will be doubled. Unpaid tickets will cause a HOLD on your registration or graduation processes.

Parking Lot Violations

Occupying more than one (1) parking space $15.00
Violating restricted/reserved parking areas $15.00
Parking in a roadway $15.00
Parking without a permit; failure to properly display permit $15.00
Reckless operation or speeding (excess of 15 mph) $15.00
Other (to be determined by Facilities Manager or his designee) $35.00


Neither DeVry University Phoenix nor DeVry, Inc. is responsible for any personal property, including vehicles, that may be lost, damaged, or stolen while on campus property. The responsibility for personal property and for a vehicle while on campus shall reside with the owner and/or operator of such. The owner or operator of a vehicle in Arizona should be aware that Arizona law requires vehicles to have liability insurance coverage. This information can be obtained through the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, 1801 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85007. 602-255-0135

Parking Areas

Parking Lot Map

The following will help students determine where to park:


Motorcycle parking is confined to the designated spaces. Parking a motorcycle in any other area will subject the driver to a fine. Motorcycles can be registered with Student Central, although there is no parking fee for motorcycles.


Bicycles are to be secured in the racks provided for them. No bicycles are to be brought into the courtyard, balcony areas, hallways, offices, or classrooms. DeVry strongly urges the use of a u-shaped, Kryptonite-type locks. A cable with a lock is totally inadequate; bicycles with such locks have occasionally been stolen. Although students are not required to register their bicycles, they are required to operate their bicycles safely on campus. Riding a bicycle on the sidewalks or lawn or parking a bicycle on campus will subject a student to a fine.

Reserved Parking Areas

Because most visitors are unfamiliar with the DeVry facility and because campus employees may need to come and go several times throughout the business day, DeVry University Phoenix has provided convenient parking areas to accommodate these needs. Students, staff, and visiting employees are not allowed to park in these areas, which have been marked with posted signs as RESERVED. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with the reserved parking areas and observing this restriction, whether or not signs are posted. Such signs are subject to vandalism and theft and ticketing will therefore occur even though a sign may be missing.

Handicapped or Disabled Parking Spaces

Convenient parking spaces have been designated for handicapped persons. These spaces are marked and controlled by the City of Phoenix Fire Department, which requires that a vehicle parked in this area display a handicapped vehicle license plate or temporary permit. The City of Phoenix Police Department will ticket vehicles illegally parking in these designated handicapped or disabled areas. DeVry University cannot give permission to park in the handicapped parking spaces. Students must get a handicapped permit or license plate from the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, 1801 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85007. (602-255-0072) first by obtaining a physician's form from the Department, then having a physician complete this application and finally returning the completed application to the Department.

Parking Attendant/Security Officer 

A parking attendant is on duty to enforce the campus driving and parking regulations and to deter vandalism and theft. The attendant is not, however, a guarantee against vandalism, theft, or damage. Any incident of this type should be reported to the local police. However, students should also report any such incident to the campus parking attendant so that he/she may assist in making a police report, and complete an incident report in the Student Central Office.

The attendant is also assigned to aid students and employees who have locked their keys in their vehicles or whose vehicle is disabled due to a low or nonfunctioning battery. Students needing assistance from the parking attendant should come to the Student Central Office. From time-to-time, the security officer is complemented by the use of off-duty police officers and contract security. 

Trip Reduction Program

DeVry University Phoenix complies with the 1988 Arizona Quality Bill (HB 2206), which is designed to reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) transportation.

In compliance with this law, DeVry University Phoenix submitted a Trip Reduction Plan, which was approved by the State of Arizona and the City of Phoenix. This compliance is recognized in DeVry University's parking fee and the incentives it offers (such as bus pass subsidies and free parking for carpoolers) to encourage alternate modes of travel. DeVry University may change its parking fee and subsidies should the reduction goal be met or not met. These changes may occur from semester to semester depending on the SOV reduction rate. For more information on the TRP, students should contact the Student Services Office or visit the Trip Reduction Plan site.

Carpooling and Ride Sharing Services

As indicated above, DeVry University Phoenix offers free parking to students who share transportation to school. Applications for free carpool passes must be completed in the Student Central Office. Carpool applications submitted after Week Three of the term will have a parking charge prorated at the cost of $1.00 per week for parking prior to and including the week of registering the carpool.

In addition, Student Central maintains a carpool-matching list for students and employees who wish to share rides to and from school. Come to Student Central for more information on carpooling.

Rules and Regulations The following rules and regulations are necessary to control and enforce orderly parking in the parking lot.

  • Students and employees who commute on DeVry University Phoenix by themselves (Single Occupant Motor Vehicle S O V) between 7:00 am -5:00 pm and park on the campus are required to obtain a parking permit. It is highly recommended students an staff obtains a new parking permit during the first week of the new semester. Parking permits can be purchased in the Student Central Office.
  • Attention - The Parking Attendant will issue tickets for parking violations (specifically, failure to display a permit) following the third week of the semester. Warnings are not required.
  • Parking Permit Display - The parking permit is in the form of a pass card. The pass card must be displayed in a manner clearly visible to the Parking Attendant, through the windshield of the vehicle. If you display the pass card on the dashboard of the vehicle, we recommend that you remove it while driving the vehicle (pass may blow out of the window). The parking pass cards are numbered and are assigned by number to students and their primary vehicles. Although students may use the pass card in an alternate vehicle from time to time, we ask that you notify the Student Central Office of any long term or permanent changes in vehicles.
  • Note: A student who fails to display a parking pass card is in violation equal to not having a pass card and may be issued a ticket.

Night Students

Night students are not charged for parking. However, because night students may need to occasionally visit the school between 8:00 am-5:00 pm, they are required to register their vehicles at the time they register for classes.

Replacement Permits

Replacement parking permits. Students must notify the Student Central Office if they require a replacement parking permit.

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