Persistence PAYS

Persistence PAYS is our campus-wide program for encouraging students to persist in their quest for a DeVry University degree. The mission of our faculty, staff and administration is to help you make a positive difference in your life through the DeVry educational process.

Each of you has a vision of what you want your life to become professionally, socially, and financially. You have decided earning a DeVry University degree will help you achieve your vision. We want to encourage and help you to remain focused on your goal of earning a DeVry University degree and graduating into a work world of professionally fulfilling opportunities. We believe the number one characteristic required to achieve your current and long-term goals is persistence.     

More than any other attribute you can possess, persistence alone is all-powerful. You have the ability to earn your degree. There is only one real difference between students who walk across the stage at graduation to the cheers of their families and friends and students who do not graduate - the commitment to overcome the problems and obstacles every student encounters during his or her academic career.

Our Persistence PAYS program is designed to help each of you develop persistence to enable you to stay focused on goals, overcome obstacles and problems, and create your academic success. Earning a DeVry University degree will provide you the foundation for earning success throughout your career. Persistence is the most important characteristic you can develop for earning continued success.

Along with all members of the DeVry Phoenix community, we look forward to seeing you on the stage at your graduation.

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