Proficiency Exam Policy

Process to "challenge" a course via a proficiency exam:

  • Write a letter (or email) to the appropriate Dean requesting permission to challenge a class. Please include in your letter your name, phone number, and reason(s) you feel you are proficient. Take the letter to Student Central or send an email directly to the appropriate dean. You will be contacted with the Dean's decision.
  • Proficiency exams must be taken before you sit in a class more than one week. Once you sit in a class for more than one week, you lose the right to take a proficiency exam for it.
  • If your request is approved, make an appointment with the test center to schedule an appointment.
  • Each proficiency test is two hours and costs $5 per credit hour. The fee must be paid in Student Central before testing. Bring your receipt, your student ID, and a copy of your permission letter with you at time of testing.
  • You are allowed to test one time only per class.
  • The passing grade to receive proficiency credit is 80%. You will be notified with the results of your test. If you pass, you will receive "proficiency credit" for the class. Proficiency credit satisfies graduation requirements but is not calculated into your GPA.

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