Student Clubs and Organizations

Interested in social events, professional development opportunities, community service projects, and more?

Looking for a fun and interactive way to meet new people, and become more involved on campus? Interested in starting a new and unique club?

If so, visit Student Central (Phoenix campus) to learn more about Student Activities events, clubs, and about participating in Student Government. Also feel free to reach out to Jeremy Sanchez, Student Activities Coordinator at 602-749-4560 or via email at

Phoenix Metro Student Government Association (PMSGA)

Our mission…

The Phoenix Metro Student Government Association (PMSGA) is committed to being a voice for the student body at DeVry University. We promote activities that encourage students to be connected to campus life. We stand willing to help our fellow students in any aspect as needed, but particularly we strive to improve student success with their educational and career goals.

Centrally located in Student Central…

If you are interested in supporting our PMSGA and club initiatives, please visit Student Central for additional information. Our temporary office space is located at the front of Student Central and will be accessible to all PMSGA members, DeVry club members, and individuals who may be interested in club activities and information.

PMSGA Advisor

Roger Gulledge, PMSGA Advisor; Professor, Network & Communications Management -

Active Clubs and Campus

Drama and Film Club

The Drama and Film Club joins like-minded individuals who are interested in theatre arts and film. Members will hold student-run film festivals and pays.

Design Club

The Design club provides WGD and MMD students with opportunities to expand their field knowledge beyond the class room through workshops and seminars.

DeVry Knight Softball Team

Through the DeVry Knights Softball Team, students will develop social skills, physical health, and leadership abilities while participating in outdoor softball activities.

GRE Club

The GRE Club helps students who are interested prepare for graduate school by preparing them for all the different processes and GRE Test Prep.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Club

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Clubs works to improve the professional development of its members through workshop and seminars for all branches of engineering. Find out more at the IEEE Web Site.

IEEE Computer Society

The Society is dedicated to advancing the theory, pratice and application of computer and information processing technology. Through its conferences, applications-related and research-oriented journals, local and student chapters, distance learning campus, technical committees, and standards workig groups, the Society promotes an active exchange of information, ideas and technological innovation among its memebers. In addition, the Society maintains close ties with the US Computing Sciences Accreditation Board and Accreditation Board fo Engineering and Technology, monitoring and evaluating curriculum accreditation guidelines. IEEE Computer Society Web Site.

SGDA (Student Game Developers Asociation) Club

The purpse of SGDA (Student Game Developers Association) is to raise money and fund student passes for the Game Developers Conference. The Club also meets to play games as a group. Club activities enrich students interested in careers in game development.


The TCOM club was formed to enrich the classroom experiences of the Network and Communications students. Activities include projects within the Network and Telecommunications labs, cabling, equipment installs and visits to Network Operations Centers. The club welcomes all students who are interested in the infrastructure that connects us to the world and enables communications with all types of devices, smart phones, tablets, laptops and enabled applications.



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