Transfer Credit Policies

Policy Overview

According to the new model, credit for non-specialty courses is awarded by course area rather than on a course-by-course basis. There are general requirements, however, for certain course areas. In regard to the Social Science area in the baccalaureate program, for example, one course must be in Economics. There are also specific requirements for certain degree programs. These various requirements are described in the sections that follow.

Up to and including 80 hours of lower division or community college credit may be granted toward a bachelor's degree, whether toward non-specialty or specialty courses. Additional credit can be granted for upper level coursework. Of course, separate credit will not be granted for two courses that are substantially the same, whether taken at DeVry or elsewhere.

In certain cases, DeVry offers courses that carry four hours of credit because of an accompanying lab. Examples would be ENGL-112 or BUSN-115. Under the new plan, we will accept a one-credit variance, that is, we will transfer credit when a course taken elsewhere carried three hours of credit instead of four.

Requests for transfer credit for specialty courses - those specific to a particular degree program - will continue to be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. There is no change with these types of courses. Also, the DeVry residency requirement has not changed. A student must complete at least 35 percent of the total program credit hours at DeVry. BSTM students must complete 42 credit hours of the program at DeVry.

General Education Credits

Students who enter DeVry programs with freshman-level entry and who possess a bachelor's degree from another institution must meet only the special course requirements within the Communication Skills, Humanities, and Social Sciences areas: they must complete a Writing course where the research paper is taught and one Economics course. If the program requires HUMN-432, the course must be taken at DeVry. These provisions may vary for students who enter beyond the freshman level.

Future External Coursework

For any enrolled student, it is still necessary to apply to the program dean to request permission to take courses outside DeVry. The Academic Policy manual states:

"Any student who is currently enrolled in a program, and who wishes to complete additional credits externally, must receive the program administrator's approval prior to enrolling externally."



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